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Jodi Rell

Biometric management: access control and time

Our digital agency is at your service for the installation of access controller systems and biometric attendance systems for staff management. With these acess conbtrollers, you can give access rights to certain doors. On the other hand, these facilities allow you to have reports on the entries and exits of your employees. In addtion, their use allows the establishment of an input filtering. it is also an effective way to limit access to certain rooms. Among the access methods are : fingerprint, badge, facial recognition and security code.

Fire Protection

ALC Digital offers a turnkey service to its customers with regard to fire protection. For this purpose, our structure bank on the skills of security professionals. In addition, our company has avant-garde fire protection systems. Thus, we work with commercial, industrial and institutional customers by offering them high performance security systems. These meet the criteria of adaptability, complexity and complementarity relating to fire protection issues.

Videos Surveillance

Protect your home and your infrastructure by installing video surveillance systems. As you can see, video surveillance is a good deterrent method against intrusions. It makes it possible to manage the accessibility of a premise and to organize the flow of people within a site. As a result, our digital agency ensures the security of your business or private premises at a distance with state-of-art equipement.

The equipment we offer is efficient and effective. Our security professionals take care of the installation of the equipment themselves. They intervene locally and in neighbouring countries.


Our digital agency provides technical solutions to meet the needs of comfort (energy management, heating and lighting), security and communication (remote controls, audible and visual signals). Our team of specialists install systems and subsystems of house and company control (garage door, heating, entrance gate, roller shutters, electrical outlets) thanks to the set of automation techniques, building physics, electronics, computers and telecommunications used in buildings.

Explosive traces detectors

Our team of security specialists put at your disposal touch materials which can enable you to quickly and easily detect all types of commercial, craft and military explosives. These touch-sensitive devices are easy to use and are known for their effectiveness in explosive detector situations. In addition, they have as particularity the fact that they warn the operator as soon as a threat is detected.

Intrusion Detectors

Our digital marketing agency has a solid experience in intrusion detector technologies. We implement solutions and master all technologies related to intrusion detection: alarm panels, infrared barrier, physical obstacle, perimeter protection, motion detectors. These systems identify threats, contraband objects, stowaways and more.