Volker Grassmuck
In January 2020, there were 5.19 billion mobile users worldwide. Which represents 67% of the total population. The number of mobile users increased by 2.4% in January 2020 compared to January 2019. This is proof of the strong growth of the digitization of the world which sees its number of smartphone users increase. On the other hand, over 50% of the world’s population is covered by 3G. The 4G network also continues to expand. This further contributes to the popularization of mobile internet. Today, there is also a surpassing use of smartphones on computers. In this regard, Android has ended up surpassing Windows. The growth of smartphone users is also reflected in an increase in the downloading of mobile applications. This can prove to be a huge plus in the income generated by your business.
développement d'application mobile

Mobile application development

Our digital marketing agency has surrounded itself with the best engineers in mobile application development. Our programmers use adaptive design techniques versus reactive techniques. Our IT specialists understand unique application models that are compatible with all types of Android phones or iPhones. Many agencies claiming applications forget to take into account the realities of Africa such as the speed of Internet bandwidth of what you find yourself with a heavy application. At ALC DIGITAL, we make sure to optimize your content and take into account the user experience on mobile (mobile first design).


ALC Digital is recruits’ experts in quality user experience (UX / UI design). This allows us to create sites that meet the expectations of your users. Our mobile application development specialists are able to:

  • Identify the main challenges of the mobile platform,
  • Conduct user studies to identify the flaws and strengths of a mobile application,
  • Develop a typical profile of the user who will visit the platform,
  • Create storytelling in accordance with the brand image in order to arouse emotion in Internet users,
  • Study the design by highlighting the problematic of the project and various proposals (mock-ups) that will allow the first lines of the project to be drawn,
  • Refine the graphic choices through models to design the future interface,
  • Do A / B testing to judge the relevance of the new interface and to make new adjustments.
UI/UX design