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A websites offer diverse and varied contents. It is important to highlight your site to inbound links. However, how can a link be quickly recognized on a site?. It can be recognize thanks to the anchor of the link. This means that the link must be followed. Actually, the anchor’s role is to show the clickable part of a text. When the site is created, it contains descriptive words related to the activity. Hence, when the user wants to send the internet user to an important link, it is highlighted in color (hypertext).

How does anchor link functions?

When a site is indexed, Google takes into account hypertexts. An anchor for web marketing is important, as it aims to optimize the number of visitors to the site. Visitors will easily recognize a link through an anchor. As such, an Anchor  can be understood as a landing or target page. Internet users expect to arrive on the page in question when they click on the link.

When referencing, it is crucial that the anchors are positioned and optimized. The anchor of the link must contain the keyword of the page. This allows search engines to have information on the subject in question. The more your site receives internal or external links, the more it is prominent on search engines. Therefore, it is important to consider the use of anchor in your site. Algorithms like Google Penguin and Google Bombing are set up to fight against certain abusive techniques that use bad links.

You can diversify your links as it fit you. However, it is crucial to avoid sanctions and know how to position them. They exist anchors of internal and external links. Knowing that anchor is supposed to provide descriptive elements on a web page, it is important to check the content of the link in question before putting it on your site.

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