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Historically, directories emerged with the advent of networked computing, which gives access to multiple users. A web directory is a database on which people easily find answers to their research. It provides updated information in real time and relies on data carriers. Directory is an information storage system capable of responding to an LDAP protocol which is an access interface to directories. In principle, directory has as particularity the responsibility of an administrator and presents no error. Having a directory where one can register allows you to have a constant visibility of your site.

Over time, directories have had a very bad reputation. But are they still useful? With the expansion of the Internet round the world, an individual or company can offer its services to become known on the web. With a directory, you can quickly create backlinks that is inbound links toward your site. This optimizes the number of visitors of the site. But beware that, it is better to have quality back links. More reason to have a directory of choice. You can add new data because a directory is flexible. Having a correct content is an advantage. What is the real purpose of a directory?

An online directory offers an excellent level of security. It is used to control information according to different criteria such as the user’s identity, location, status, etc. All what a user may want to see are represented in the category directories. When a site is submitted, it is important to choose the category. There are several types of directories: paid, generalized and geographic. To summarize, a directory is a repository whose role is to locate from sophisticated navigation and search functions.

Ancre de lien ALC Digital

A websites offer diverse and varied contents. It is important to highlight your site to inbound links. However, how can a link be quickly recognized on a site?. It can be recognize thanks to the anchor of the link. This means that the link must be followed. Actually, the anchor’s role is to show the clickable part of a text. When the site is created, it contains descriptive words related to the activity. Hence, when the user wants to send the internet user to an important link, it is highlighted in color (hypertext).

How does anchor link functions?

When a site is indexed, Google takes into account hypertexts. An anchor for web marketing is important, as it aims to optimize the number of visitors to the site. Visitors will easily recognize a link through an anchor. As such, an Anchor  can be understood as a landing or target page. Internet users expect to arrive on the page in question when they click on the link.

When referencing, it is crucial that the anchors are positioned and optimized. The anchor of the link must contain the keyword of the page. This allows search engines to have information on the subject in question. The more your site receives internal or external links, the more it is prominent on search engines. Therefore, it is important to consider the use of anchor in your site. Algorithms like Google Penguin and Google Bombing are set up to fight against certain abusive techniques that use bad links.

You can diversify your links as it fit you. However, it is crucial to avoid sanctions and know how to position them. They exist anchors of internal and external links. Knowing that anchor is supposed to provide descriptive elements on a web page, it is important to check the content of the link in question before putting it on your site.

AdWords: keyword generator application

The search for keywords when creating a site is a decisive step. It is from keyword that you can claim to have more visibility on the web. This is an essential element that must be taken into consideration. Site creators use a variety of platforms to find relevant keywords in order to attract new customers.

Apart from the ergonomics of the site or the importance of the quality of content, a keyword holds a privileged place in SEO. With the AdWords platform, you rapidly have keywords that are mostly used on the web.

What is the tool to used when searching for keywords?

Google, which is the most popular search engine in the world, provides webmasters or site designers with quick platforms for searching keywords. in addition to the keyword planning tool AdWords, you can also use tools like Yooda and Ubersuggest. The chosen keyword must correspond to the theme of the site.

In general, searching for a relevant keyword should be the first step on the to-do list when creating a site. You can use these suggestion tools or search for synonyms. Also, SEO uses competition to choose its keywords. SEO is a set of techniques used to improve the visibility of a site on search engines.

Why choose AdWords?

Consequently, it is only natural to use help tools when you want your site to be the most visible on the Internet. AdWords will help you choose the main keyword that best fits your theme. It allows you to evaluate the degree of competition of the chosen keyword. You can also position yourself on auxiliary keywords. Using AdWords is a great asset as there is a range of possibilities when searching for a keyword.


Google search engine has set up many technical infrastructures to improve SEO. Caffeine is officially in place. it is a total reorganization of the Google platform used for Crawler or indexing pages. Caffeine is by no means a change algorithm like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Your positioning on search engines is not affected. With Caffeine, Google, puts in place faster ways to better analyze your pages or sites.

Benefits of Caffeine

Thanks to this new algorithm, Google can do a better indexing. In this case, the queries propose a larger number of results. It is now possible to have a real-time indexing of the results. In addition, these results are quickly displayed. Now, thanks to the speed of Caffeine algorithm, you have better on-page optimization and trust links.

According to the multiple assertions of Google leaders, that the new algorithm does not change the positioning of a page or site, it seems today that Caffeine largely modifies the reasoning on the technique adopted during referencing. From a practical point of view, it should be noted that, Google quickly highlights indexing in real time, in order to allow you to dispense with the dissemination of content, and to work on the new SEO criteria: human activity .

Importance of Caffeine

We normally know that, 50% of indexed sites are more reliable and fresh. Indeed, on-page optimization is also based on the content of the site. The more you regularly change the content of your site, the better you are likely to increase your visibility on the web. It’s important to note that blogs creation, RSS feeds links, and real-time comments from users gives your site more authority. It is important for an SEO to work on these new indexing criteria. Caffeine has a positive impact on SEO. You can better focus on positioning and let the new indexing system do the rest.

Expression clé

Keywords phrases

The first step to consider when designing a site is the domain name and the search of keywords or key phrases. This is necessary for a quick and easy optimization of the site. The list of keywords or phrases are part of the strategies that webmasters rely on in order to improve their visibility on the Internet. if you prefer a good positioning on a well-targeted restricted list, choose your keywords according to competition. Plates forms like Google AdWords, Ubbersuggest and others, allow you to have keywords that generate more traffic than others. You will have in real time the quality of traffic engendered by the keyword what it arouses from internet users, etc.

Having a good positioning on the web is the goal of every SEO writer. For this, it is important to consider the content of the text. It is true that Google is the most used search engine in the world, it also takes into account the quality of the content during indexing. The choice of keywords or phrases must be carefully chosen to have chances to improve search engine rankings. You can make a choice between competitive keyword, parasitic keywords, neglected keywords, niche keywords.

Types of keywords

A competitive keyword is a word on which several webmasters are trying to position themselves. Most often, these sites have a great reputation, seniority and good means. it will be difficult for you trying to position your site on this type of keyword. On the other hand, the parasite keyword is chosen at random and is positioned alone. A large majority of sites are not registered on this keyword. But they have a direct relationship with the subject. Moreover, the neglected keyword refers to a vague subject. The site finds itself positioned without making a particular effort. The pages in it are poorly optimized queries. Finally, a niche keyword is more important. Very few webmasters make efforts to position themselves using this type of keyword. On the other hand, when it generates a large traffic, the fight becomes more serious.

How to build a strategy for a relevant keyword?

It is important to note that to be well positioned on research results, remains the only objective to be achieved. For example, you can target the keywords that have a direct link to the activity in question. You must also carefully choose keywords or key phrases based on competition. you have to choose those that are mostly wanted by Internet users. Also multiply many combinations in order to privilege the key phrases which will be able to better position you. You can also use synonyms and profitable keywords. If you choose a short-term strategy, it is better to target the accessible keywords. You can use the Yakaferci tool to analyze the keywords of your page.

Blog ALC Digital

Definition: Professional blog

In general, a website is static. When completed, it is likely that its content is renewed regularly. By creating a professional blog, you will enrich your site permanently and will have more visitors. It is a very powerful marketing communication channel. Logically, the visibility of a site is due to its large number of visits. The more you appear on search engines, the better your site is positioned.

Customers often need to be head. This is not often the case when the site is only set up. By creating a blog, you receive customer’s feedback and appreciation(likes) in time. In addition, it is also recommended to consider this so as to improve your services. if you have a message to pass, a professional blog is the ideal way to do it. It’s not just about following your customers, but also to demonstrate your creativity and to share your ideas.

Importance of a professional blog

Through a professional blog, you can demonstrate your expertise and enable your company to have many business partners. The main mission of a blog is to humanize a site. Internet users will no longer be confronted with robots, but will have to deal with true site managers. The magical power of a blog is the loyalty of visitors. If you manage to catch their attention, it is likely that at some point in time, your site will be on the first position on search engines.

What to do after creating a blog?

Creating a blog is not enough. It must also be fed with relevant information and advice. Above all, the writing of the content must be correct. Articles should be posted regularly and you should be able to answer questions rapidly. Punctuality must be taken seriously as your readership is not doing the same job as you. Conclusively, know that the reputation and position of the site can be influenced by the creation of the blog that will be like a showcase site. By blogging, you become a better communicator. everything been said. It’s up to you to choose the most advantageous strategy in order to be known. you have to now that you can optimize the visibility of your site on the Internet by creating a blog.


What does web reputation mean?

The decisive issues of a company are not limited solely on marketing mix, which is the key to success. in order to improve a long-term reputation in the competitive market, it is better for a company to use all available means to make itself known. That is why it would be smart to create a web reputation. usually called numerical reputation or digital reputation, you have a chance of turning your company into a must-have entity. With the great expansion of the internet, the emergence of social networks has become an important element to take into consideration.

Importance of a web reputation

Brands wishing to be known on the web must restore their web reputation. It’s not just about having a site so as to be known by the whole world. But, you must also shape your image by making your digital entity alive. For that, it might be smart to create professional blogs, directories, etc. Digital awareness presents a differentiating factor as far as it is shaped by privileging positive aspects. This is to say that you could easily monitor the negative elements that could harm your web reputation. For the durability of digital identity, you can put in place a management strategy through specific tools.

What to take into account?

Do you want to have a beautiful showcase on the web, you need to take into account the trust factor. Privileging the spirit of trust means making Internet transactions with customers and potential customers with ease. Whatever the nature of the services you offer, it is in your interest to be attentive to your web reputation, which is the reflection of your company. With a controlled digital identity, you can boost your business without much effort. The market is very diverse. More and more companies are integrating many features such as opinion mining, community management and many others. So why not adopt this new and exciting trend that is web reputation!


Panda is a new algorithm of Google search engine. It has been set up to evaluate the search results of sites offering low quality content. This is also the case for sites that do not have sufficient content or have duplicate content. It’s like a kind of filter to avoid showing poor quality sites. It is important to have a site that has the correct content in order not to be targeted by the Panda algorithm.

What is this update?

Panda’s goal is to purify search results by implementing spam detection techniques. Some sites copy the content of others or their style. Thanks to Panda, duplications are more severely punished.

Some sites use misleading linking techniques. They prefer to generate Internet traffic to their sites. It’s a very fraudulent way to do it. It is safer to do a quality SEO because Google Panda is applied to all sites. Several changes have been made with Google Panda algorithm. The SEOs have seen that it has become one of the biggest signals in results ranking.

It is true that Google search engine has not yet given details on the consequence of this change. But, a new Panda filter deployment will not be announced anymore, as Panda is at the heart of the ranking system.

The update of the new Google Panda algorithm, radically changes all the new SEO practices. With this change, Google wants to promote the natural referencing of sites that produce more and more content which are enriching for users. For this reason, Panda is more focused on user’s experience. From now on, sites must be of good quality in order to be well positioned.

moteur de recherche

A search engine is a web application that can find results on a well-defined search. The Internet is a web that contains a lot of information. The resources you are looking for on the web can be in the form of images, videos, files, articles, etc.

A search engine lists all the pages on the web with precise themes. Search engines are used to provide a large quantity of information when you type a search. There are various search engines. considering their notoriety, speed and relevance, you can choose the search engine that seems faster to you.

The main search engines

The most common engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You need information, know that a search engine can give you quick information about it. Through a search engine, you can establish the origin of a quote and give an order of magnitude regarding the popularity and use of an expression.

Nevertheless, the engine cannot give access to all the existing documentation on the web. It cannot ensure the relevance of the results because its role is to index any site on the web. You cannot ask a search engine to explain the presence of a word or phrase on the wet. There are a number of things that a search engine cannot do.

As mentioned above, search engine has the role of indexing any site or page on the web. It facilitates natural referencing. But when your site does not meet its different criteria, it is quite normal that it will be found among the last sites on the search results. The user is searching for specific information. He uses search engines to guide him. It is up to you to create a good site so that it will be more visible on search engines.

Lien entrant ALC Digital

An inbound link is when a website makes a direct link to another. This is an SEO method that allows other sites to have more visitors. These are very useful tips that can bring in a large number of potential customers. If you want to enhance your image and have a lot of traffic, just have inbound links. Internet users will just have to click on the link in question to be directed to the site.

From another point of view, an inbound link is also effective and important for SEO. It helps to improve the visibility of your site on search engines. Nowadays, search engines have lay a special emphasis on inbound links. Your site will be quickly targeted and indexed. A page that receives a lot of incoming links is popular. Therefore, it will be more prominent in search engines. it is a confidence story, because the site that accepts you as an inbound link gives you a vote of confidence. The question is how to create inbound links?

It is necessary to have relevant contents, contents that are complementary to another site, so as to obtain inbound links. Your site must be unique, captivating and innovative. These are important elements taking into account when sending inbound links. Inbound links can come from directories, press release platforms, dig like, blog comments, etc. These are the different types of useful sites on which you can expect to have inbound links. You will gain by increasing the popularity of your pages with the weight of backlinks. SEO does not stop with the relevant keywords, images and videos. with the internet competitive environment, it is important to use more effective methods such as inbound links, which will better position you.

Contenu duplique

Duplicate Content: Definition

Duplicate content is a concept that is often used for search engine optimization. It is the act of copying some or all of the content of a website. Duplicate text may be the same or have slight changes. Duplication can be done from another site or within the site in question. Copying the text or content of a site is a malicious way to deceive search engines. To a greater extend, Google which is the most prominent search engine, is trying to find all types of pages with duplicate content in order to reduce the positioning of its users and the visibility of sites that have experience and make unique contents.

What should be noted?

There are several ways not be blocked by Google because of duplicate content. If you have multiple pages that have similar content, you can tell Google URL which one you prefer. In this way, you will not be penalized. The best way is to strive to have pages with different content. In the case of similar content, you can use redirects. This will allow your users and also crawlers to be redirected.

You can use top-level domains and be cautious when delivering your content by minimizing the repetition and publication of incomplete pages. It is important to learn how to master your content management and to avoid similar texts. In general, duplicate content, does not have a very negative impact on your site unless your goal is to deceive search engines. In case you follow the recommendations, your site will not be blocked.


What is positioning?

Positioning a site is to make it more prominent on search engines. When you reference a site, you make a excerpt, that is, you tell search engines, directories, network sites … that your site needs to be indexed. The goal of positioning is to generate a large amount of traffic to the site.

It is true that some sites are referenced based on the keyword. This is a very good alternative when you want to do a natural and free SEO. It is crucial to do some background work to find the general and specific keywords in order to ensure a fast presence on search engines.

The advantage is that you will define the type of visitors you want to have on your site. For the fact, the request is precise and you have the chances to satisfy web users. When the site appears on the first pages of search engines, it is partly thanks to the keyword. This means the site is positioned.

The most difficult thing in positioning is to preserve the place. It is not always easy for a website designer to keep his good positioning. This is the reason why other methods are put in place to improve and optimize its positioning. It is therefore necessary not only to do a regular job by changing the content from time to time. but also, changes to the observations can also be made on the site.

Between SEO and SEA

The principle of creating a site is to be a priority on search engines. This is the reason why you can choose a natural or sponsored positioning. SEO is effectively economical.

But, the expected effects are not immediate. On the other hand, sponsored positioning is faster but expensive. It is ideal for promoting a product or a company. It’s up to you to choose the type of SEO that you want so as to have a quality positioning.