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Google search engine has set up many technical infrastructures to improve SEO. Caffeine is officially in place. it is a total reorganization of the Google platform used for Crawler or indexing pages. Caffeine is by no means a change algorithm like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Your positioning on search engines is not affected. With Caffeine, Google, puts in place faster ways to better analyze your pages or sites.

Benefits of Caffeine

Thanks to this new algorithm, Google can do a better indexing. In this case, the queries propose a larger number of results. It is now possible to have a real-time indexing of the results. In addition, these results are quickly displayed. Now, thanks to the speed of Caffeine algorithm, you have better on-page optimization and trust links.

According to the multiple assertions of Google leaders, that the new algorithm does not change the positioning of a page or site, it seems today that Caffeine largely modifies the reasoning on the technique adopted during referencing. From a practical point of view, it should be noted that, Google quickly highlights indexing in real time, in order to allow you to dispense with the dissemination of content, and to work on the new SEO criteria: human activity .

Importance of Caffeine

We normally know that, 50% of indexed sites are more reliable and fresh. Indeed, on-page optimization is also based on the content of the site. The more you regularly change the content of your site, the better you are likely to increase your visibility on the web. It’s important to note that blogs creation, RSS feeds links, and real-time comments from users gives your site more authority. It is important for an SEO to work on these new indexing criteria. Caffeine has a positive impact on SEO. You can better focus on positioning and let the new indexing system do the rest.

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