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Duplicate Content: Definition

Duplicate content is a concept that is often used for search engine optimization. It is the act of copying some or all of the content of a website. Duplicate text may be the same or have slight changes. Duplication can be done from another site or within the site in question. Copying the text or content of a site is a malicious way to deceive search engines. To a greater extend, Google which is the most prominent search engine, is trying to find all types of pages with duplicate content in order to reduce the positioning of its users and the visibility of sites that have experience and make unique contents.

What should be noted?

There are several ways not be blocked by Google because of duplicate content. If you have multiple pages that have similar content, you can tell Google URL which one you prefer. In this way, you will not be penalized. The best way is to strive to have pages with different content. In the case of similar content, you can use redirects. This will allow your users and also crawlers to be redirected.

You can use top-level domains and be cautious when delivering your content by minimizing the repetition and publication of incomplete pages. It is important to learn how to master your content management and to avoid similar texts. In general, duplicate content, does not have a very negative impact on your site unless your goal is to deceive search engines. In case you follow the recommendations, your site will not be blocked.

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