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Panda is a new algorithm of Google search engine. It has been set up to evaluate the search results of sites offering low quality content. This is also the case for sites that do not have sufficient content or have duplicate content. It’s like a kind of filter to avoid showing poor quality sites. It is important to have a site that has the correct content in order not to be targeted by the Panda algorithm.

Panda’s goal is to purify search results by implementing spam detection techniques. Some sites copy the content of others or their style. Thanks to Panda, duplications are more severely punished. Some sites use misleading linking techniques. They prefer to generate Internet traffic to their sites. It’s a very fraudulent way to do it. It is safer to do a quality SEO because Google Panda is applied to all sites. Several changes have been made with Google Panda algorithm. The SEOs have seen that it has become one of the biggest signals in results ranking.

It is true that Google search engine has not yet given details on the consequence of this change. But, a new Panda filter deployment will not be announced anymore, as Panda is at the heart of the ranking system. The update of the new Google Panda algorithm, radically changes all the new SEO practices. This means that Google wants to promote the natural referencing of sites that produce more and more content which are enriching for users. Panda is more focused on the user experience. It is safer to make an excellent site so as to avoid being penalized by Panda algorithm.

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