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Keywords phrases

The first step to consider when designing a site is the domain name and the search of keywords or key phrases. This is necessary for a quick and easy optimization of the site. The list of keywords or phrases are part of the strategies that webmasters rely on in order to improve their visibility on the Internet. if you prefer a good positioning on a well-targeted restricted list, choose your keywords according to competition. Plates forms like Google AdWords, Ubbersuggest and others, allow you to have keywords that generate more traffic than others. You will have in real time the quality of traffic engendered by the keyword what it arouses from internet users, etc.

Having a good positioning on the web is the goal of every SEO writer. For this, it is important to consider the content of the text. It is true that Google is the most used search engine in the world, it also takes into account the quality of the content during indexing. The choice of keywords or phrases must be carefully chosen to have chances to improve search engine rankings. You can make a choice between competitive keyword, parasitic keywords, neglected keywords, niche keywords.

Types of keywords

A competitive keyword is a word on which several webmasters are trying to position themselves. Most often, these sites have a great reputation, seniority and good means. it will be difficult for you trying to position your site on this type of keyword. On the other hand, the parasite keyword is chosen at random and is positioned alone. A large majority of sites are not registered on this keyword. But they have a direct relationship with the subject. Moreover, the neglected keyword refers to a vague subject. The site finds itself positioned without making a particular effort. The pages in it are poorly optimized queries. Finally, a niche keyword is more important. Very few webmasters make efforts to position themselves using this type of keyword. On the other hand, when it generates a large traffic, the fight becomes more serious.

How to build a strategy for a relevant keyword?

It is important to note that to be well positioned on research results, remains the only objective to be achieved. For example, you can target the keywords that have a direct link to the activity in question. You must also carefully choose keywords or key phrases based on competition. you have to choose those that are mostly wanted by Internet users. Also multiply many combinations in order to privilege the key phrases which will be able to better position you. You can also use synonyms and profitable keywords. If you choose a short-term strategy, it is better to target the accessible keywords. You can use the Yakaferci tool to analyze the keywords of your page.

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