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The current mode of SEOs is natural referencing. But, you can also improve the visibility of your site by performing a paid search. Unlike SEO, SEA relies on the regular advertisement of high quality content. It is a long-term job as paid search is fast and highly place on search engines. The role of paid search is to broadcast targeted ads that appear at the top of search engines on the Internet.

Why to use Paid Search or SEA?

Research has shown that for the purchase of a product, Internet users prefer the first research results. They also say that if they are first it is by merit. So, they click without asking questions. For a company that wants to be known, it is essential to consider a paid search. So that your site is quickly seen and quickly clicked, you will have to pay a ticket of entry. It is clear that SEA is expensive, but it allows you to pass in front of everyone.

The location of your ads

When it happens that you create for example an advertising campaign, to make a choice among several options. This is the choice that determines in principle the location of your advertisement. You can choose to search only. This means that your ads will appear automatically above the search results. On the other hand, if you only do a display, the ads are broadcast in various locations. It is very likely that ads will appear on Google’s partners’ sites like Blogger, YouTube, etc. Finally, you can choose a search with selective display. This means that you could combine both options. But this is more expensive.

When you have finished this step, you must plan the budget that will be allocated for the paid search. It is important to define the minimum cost that will be spent every day. in order to control everything, AdWords allows you to set the cost in one click. Then you could look at the targeting of ads. You have to choose the geographical areas on which your ads will appear and the keywords on which you want to be positioned. It is crucial to choose an important keyword because it is one of the SEO strategies.

After this phase, it would be wise to have relevant content that has a great effect on the Internet. Your title must not exceed 25 characters. Each description line is limited to 35 characters and the URL must automatically lead to your ad. It must also be limited to 35 characters. If you follow these recommendations to the letter, a paid search will be a success.

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