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What is positioning?

Positioning a site is to make it more prominent on search engines. When you reference a site, you make a excerpt, that is, you tell search engines, directories, network sites … that your site needs to be indexed. The goal of positioning is to generate a large amount of traffic to the site.

It is true that some sites are referenced based on the keyword. This is a very good alternative when you want to do a natural and free SEO. It is crucial to do some background work to find the general and specific keywords in order to ensure a fast presence on search engines.

The advantage is that you will define the type of visitors you want to have on your site. For the fact, the request is precise and you have the chances to satisfy web users. When the site appears on the first pages of search engines, it is partly thanks to the keyword. This means the site is positioned.

The most difficult thing in positioning is to preserve the place. It is not always easy for a website designer to keep his good positioning. This is the reason why other methods are put in place to improve and optimize its positioning. It is therefore necessary not only to do a regular job by changing the content from time to time. but also, changes to the observations can also be made on the site.

Between SEO and SEA

The principle of creating a site is to be a priority on search engines. This is the reason why you can choose a natural or sponsored positioning. SEO is effectively economical.

But, the expected effects are not immediate. On the other hand, sponsored positioning is faster but expensive. It is ideal for promoting a product or a company. It’s up to you to choose the type of SEO that you want so as to have a quality positioning.

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