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A search engine is a web application that can find results on a well-defined search. The Internet is a web that contains a lot of information. The resources you are looking for on the web can be in the form of images, videos, files, articles, etc.

A search engine lists all the pages on the web with precise themes. Search engines are used to provide a large quantity of information when you type a search. There are various search engines. considering their notoriety, speed and relevance, you can choose the search engine that seems faster to you.

The main search engines

The most common engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You need information, know that a search engine can give you quick information about it. Through a search engine, you can establish the origin of a quote and give an order of magnitude regarding the popularity and use of an expression.

Nevertheless, the engine cannot give access to all the existing documentation on the web. It cannot ensure the relevance of the results because its role is to index any site on the web. You cannot ask a search engine to explain the presence of a word or phrase on the wet. There are a number of things that a search engine cannot do.

As mentioned above, search engine has the role of indexing any site or page on the web. It facilitates natural referencing. But when your site does not meet its different criteria, it is quite normal that it will be found among the last sites on the search results. The user is searching for specific information. He uses search engines to guide him. It is up to you to create a good site so that it will be more visible on search engines.

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