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Creation of a website

If you want to design your website, look no further. Whatever the nature of your digital project, our team has the experience and knowledge necessary for it. Our programmers are true professionals in the business. For the smooth running of your project, they put in place a tailor-made strategy.
Digital marketing in general, brings into play a whole that allows your company to achieve the objectives targeted. Therefore, to develop a strategy adapted to your needs, our digital agency in Cameroon is based on the sector of activity of your company. Then we take into account the means at your disposal, as well as the competition in your market. Thus, your website will be designed according to your vision. In addition, we take care of the creation of a website by focusing on the different elements you have.

Creation of a website

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At first glance, a professional website is a showcase of the company. To this end, this platform represents the identity of your company, more precisely its DNA. Its purpose is to impact the opinion that Internet users have of the company, and therefore, at the same time, legitimize or not the credibility of the business. Thus, it is imperative that the creation of a website is done in the 2.0 rules so that it brings you a real return on investment, in the near or distant future. When designing the website, our developers are careful to opt for optimal and optimized tools for better functionality of it. Our digital agency is interested in very clear objectives, finally to be able to give you the best possible rendering by always keeping in mind the user experience of your Internet users (UX and UI), by offering them a simple and optimal navigation. After creating your website, you must add language and optimized content to allow search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to index your site at the top of their Pages (SERP).


Our website creation agency is at your service for the creation of your showcase site. This type of platform generally consists of several pages (Home, About, Services, Contact). We can also tailor other tabs such as: Portfolio, Blog, Vlog, etc. to your needs.

By using tools dedicated to the creation of a showcase site, we shape your website as it should, to make it a real online showcase for your company. Many developers give you static sites, which is no longer optimal today. In a universe invaded by many websites, differentiation is the key to success, which is why ALC Digital, we always offer our customers a dynamic and ergonomic showcase site. 

We are interested in your real needs, as well as your expectations in terms of a showcase site. After discussion, our experienced and always listening developers; rest easy, and rely on their expertise and know-how

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Do you want to share articles, videos, photos, news about your products with your customers? The blog is the best way to get their opinions. We are professionals for the creation of blogs in Cameroon. If you want to capture a specific audience from your blog, contact us. Our programmers will be happy to respond to your request quickly. This by using a template that meets your expectations and especially that of your target. Everything will be meticulously created to showcase your platform.
It's very easy to create a blog, but hard to keep people on it. One of the key factors beyond the content and the visual and the ergonomics of the page. This is why ALC DIGITAL puts its know-how at your disposal to carry out this work. Whether it is a personal, professional, participatory blog, our experts are working hard to satisfy you. We support you in planning your publications, related articles and RSS, adding widgets, and many more. You will never be disappointed to entrust your work to our marketing and digital agency.


Nowadays the order of the world has changed. With COVID19, it is more essential than ever to dematerialize your store. Those who do not want to take this wave are doomed to shut down. Nevertheless, it is imperative to ensure the success of this online project, to be accompanied by digital experts who will be able to perfectly merge your products or services with the online world.

At ALC DIGITAL, we essentially manage the platform on which the store site will be created and we ensure its optimal functionality. So that your prospects or customers have a pleasant experience. You can optionally use free website creation software, but the possibilities for modifications or improvements will be limited. Our website creation company makes it its business, and provides you with the best service you can hope for. 

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