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In general, it is preferable to prepare your business for the new functions and uses of the digital economy. To this end, this allows you to adapt your organization to the digital transformation. Thus, it is necessary to know the change and the behavior of customers. However, one of the behaviors about the experience that one has to ponder is interest in the Internet. Digital is a real revolution of our century. To be more assertive, it is therefore essential to know the basics. In addition, habits are changing. A company must therefore be able to offer services or products adapted to the trend. In fact, our digital agency is the best suited to offer you quality training.

But who is ISIS (Higher Institute of Computer Science)?

Created in 1990 by Mr Dissake Henri, ISIS is the first IT training company in Cameroon. With a certain experience in the world of IT and digital, ISIS has decided to provide you with training programs adapted to the movement of the digital world. Our training will allow you to learn about digital professions. More in-depth information will be provided on digital issues as well as similar themes.

Module 1: Fundamentals of digital marketing

This module helps to :
• Initiation into the identification of fundamental principles and objectives to initiate the conduct of clear, quantifiable, and effective digital campaigns.
• To lead the learner to define the best commercial approach of the company on the web, to identify its needs, to write specifications, to measure its impact, and to optimize it.
In the end, the learner will have the necessary skills to understand the market and the challenges of the digital ecosystem.
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Module 2: Creating a website

A website is a unique way of communicating with the world. It is the showcase of your business and a vector of attractiveness for your potential customers. The creation of a website is an essential step in the growth strategy of a business or a project. This module will provide you with the necessary skills to create your site using a CMS called WordPress. WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. It combines ease of use and many features due to its multitude of plugins and themes, it is the ideal companion for your web projects.

Module 3: Optimizing a website

This module allows you to master the creation of a high-performance website, optimize it and adapt it to the objectives of a company and, improve the user experience due to the conception of Mobile-First Design and to UX and UI optimization. In this way, your site will become an analysis tool, a reliable indicator that is essential for the smooth running of any business.

Module 4: Natural referencing (SEO)

It is about becoming familiar with the basic principles of SEO to set goals that will generate traffic and leads. Mastering natural referencing helps stimulate conversions, stand out from competitors and have better positioning on search engines; this for a better return on investment. Another important point of this teaching is the development of an SEO content plan based on competitor research and keyword research. To stimulate organic search on a website by using technical elements of on-page and off-page SEO.

Module 5: SEA research

SEA (search engine advertising) also called paid referencing consists of buying keywords or sponsored links. This module, therefore, makes it possible to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create and manage paid referencing campaigns on Google Adwords, namely:
  • Optimizing a campaign – The purchase of sponsored links
  • Scheduling of announcements by defining bid adjustments for audiences.
On the other hand, it allows the use of Google Analytics tool, to be able to track conversions, site traffic, as well as to obtain advanced reports.
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Module 6: Online reputation

Online reputation, commonly known as “E-reputation”, is the perception that Internet users have of a company or a brand, depending on the flow of information they encounter on the net. To carry out an e-reputation campaign, it will be a question of building an effective, positive, and consistent communication on all the different digital channels of the subject treated. Studying and understanding these different channels is essential to the function of this online reputation.

Module 7: Social Media Marketing

An in-depth study of social media marketing enables the application and use of best practices in the development of sponsored or organic strategies. Mastering this knowledge enables campaigns to be executed that will effectively meet client objectives.
Understanding these different platforms and identifying the stages in the buyer’s journey is essential to refine knowledge in the field of social media marketing. It will thus be possible to explore the functionalities, tools, and guidelines for configuring the social networks used as well as their optimizations and their publications. The learner will be able to create, manage and support an active community on different platforms. Developing a strategy through paid marketing is also part of the basics. We will thus have to create reports on advertising campaigns using reliable but paid tools
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Module 8: Professional video at a lower cost

The audio-visual sector continues to develop. More and more content is requested by television channels and internet users on social networks. This training, therefore, aims to learn how to create your audio-visual project at a lower cost. Mastering the various methods will make it possible to ensure quality video rendering and to develop strategies for creating original content…