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Google analytics is a web tool that is integrated into the infrastructure of a site. Also, this tool allows generate accurate statistical data about on-site and off-site activity. The statistics relate in fact to the overall performance of the site. Google analytics helps website owners to better understand and analyze the information collected about traffic on the site. In fact, this tool will help you identify what your customers' needs are and of your target audience. For this, the Google analysis tool uses internal cookies which save the anonymous information of each visitor to the site.

How Google Analytics works

Google analysis is basically a Javascript code that is installed on each page. This is a service data on Google servers. This analysis tool connects to the website of your company through a piece of Javascript code that takes the form of a tracking code. The code javascript is positioned in the HTML of your website. The purpose of this code is to collect information relating to the various visits. In addition, the javascript code places cookies which contain basic information. This information helps to determine if the visitor has been to your site before, or if it is a new visitor. All this data is then sent to the Google analytics server for to be processed. The sending is done through a small file that contains all collected cookies. This will allow the Google server to have a trace of the pages that have been requested as well as the files viewed by visitors. After all this, Google analytics processes the requests and makes the information available to you.
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What are the benefits of Google Analytics

Thanks to Google analytics, you can learn how your customers think. The program collects a lot of useful information. This information lets you know which keywords, visitors use the most when searching to find your site. Additionally, you can identify the pages that users visit the most, and the content they like. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to know how your online marketing campaign is going. This will give you a portrait of the results based on the traffic and conversion of your website. In this way, you will know if your site traffic is directed to the right pages.Clearly, from the Google Analytics report, you will be able to know the number of people who visit your website. You will know which countries exactly they come from. In Besides, another advantage of Google analytics is that all the data it collects from you improve your website so that it meets the needs of your visitors. In fact, the purpose of these analysis reports is to allow you to better adjust the content of your site.That said, the integration of this analysis tool into a site must be done by a professional. It is about even for the analysis of the various reports. Therefore, if you are looking for a specialist in Google Analytics, you can contact the SEO agency ALC digital. The referrers of this web agency are the best you can find.

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