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All this in the goal of making you more competitive and more dynamic in a market that is becoming more and more competitive and where optimization is important to lower costs and even production times in order to achieve the part of the market.
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What is an integrated management software (ERP)?

An integrated management software package (ERP) is a configurable software built to offer businesses and administrations (banks, schools, etc.) of all sizes and all sectors a means of monitoring, managing and planning all operations (production management, purchases and stocks, accounting, sales administration, personnel management, project management, etc.).

At ALC DIGITAL, we cut the modules according to your needs. We offer you specific tools adapted to your industry. We are interested in different configuration possibilities. Thus, we offer you optimal use of the integrated management software package (ERP) within your company.

Advantages of integrated management software (ERP)

  • Data uniqueness: by working on the same database, the risk of errors and duplication is eliminated.
  • Saving time : ERP increases the productivity of a company by saving time. For example, the data contained in the commercial management module can be transferred automatically to the accounting management module.
  • Lower costs : employee training is cheaper with ERP. In this regard, the ergonomics of integrated management software are the same for all modules.
  • Scalable use :The Company can use a few modules of the ERP that it can later enrich with the acquisition of other applications according to its business management needs.