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Web referencing requires having knowledge not only in digital, but also in marketing. This will allow you to increase the visibility of a page online. Our goal is to increase the visibility of your site or your web pages and by extension your notoriety. Through constantly updated techniques, we strive to provide you with certain results. The final objective is to be visible on the first page in order to be the first choice of the Internet user. Know that good SEO never stops. Because the competition never stops working, because they also want to achieve this goal. So, it is better to stand out by using appropriate tools to perform good web referencing.

SEO web

Natural referencing (SEO)

Promoting your product or service online is useful for increasing your turnover. The better known you are, the better your chances of converting your target into customers. Natural referencing, commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the set of marketing methods and digital techniques put in place to optimize the different pages of a site. And this is done on the different search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). This type of web referencing is recommended, because of its duration over time.

Pour trouver un produit ou service en ligne, les internautes utilisent comme plateforme, les moteurs de recherche. Parmi eux, nous avons Google qui a une plus grande part de marché soit 90,63% %, Yahoo 2,52 %, Bing 5,2 %, etc. La particularité d’ALC Digital, c’est l’utilisation de stratégies innovantes, une exécution cohérente et une compréhension approfondie des métriques et des algorithmes des moteurs de recherche.  Dans le but de permettre aux internautes de trouver vos produits ou services en ligne facilement et tout ceci a des coûts très compétitifs. Que ce soit pour les petites et grandes entreprises, nous pouvons référencer votre site en toute simplicité. Après la création de site internet, il faut directement travailler sur la stratégie de référencement de ce site.


Cost per click is an approach widely used in the digital world. It is a technique of paying to place ads in the first position on search engines to promote their business, product or service online. Rates are determined by an auction principle, based on the popularity of the keyword(s) chosen. CPC generates an immediate response and is particularly beneficial for those looking to increase traffic fairly quickly to a website. As soon as a user clicks on the ad or the sponsored link, he is directly redirected to the promoted landing page.

Thus, the role of our Digital Agency is to make the best use of the tools made available to it to help you configure and monitor your campaigns for better click profitability. We have established affordable rates for paid listing. Just contact us for an estimate. This type of web referencing is ideal for launching a product or service on the market. 

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Our agency also offers off-page referencing from social networks. It is such an effective way to create a personal or emotional relationship between you and your target, because social networks have a strong impact on the web. The SMO is defined by all the techniques and actions used in order to increase the visibility of your company, product, service or brand on social networks and thanks to the post of social networks. Like different types of social networks we have those that are professional and others that are non-professional. As an example of professional networks, we have Viadeo, LinkedIn, etc. On the other hand, as a non-professional social network, we have Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

ALC Digital aims through social networks:

  • Increase your notoriety.
  • Create another opportunity for discussion with your community.
  • Generate new leads.
  • Increase traffic to your site.
  • Refine your knowledge of your target.
  • Optimize your marketing actions according to your targets.

Web referencing is a discipline that requires time and a fairly substantial investment. Indeed, even if you put a lot of money into it, the results of your campaign would be unsatisfactory. So get support from our seo SEO agency for better results. 


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