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The key to the success of a translation agency is understanding that translation is more than just an alteration of words, but a culture in itself. Therefore, we can guarantee you a unique and personalized approach to translation which will allow a sure connection with your target.
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Our translation agency

ALC DIGITAL is a successful leading language agency throughout Africa that is focusing largely on delivering professional and fast translation services at very affordable prices. Unlike many language service agencies our motto is not quantity but quality, which is why we focus on a limited number of languages ​​that we translate. we pride ourselves solely in the specialization of French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, German and Spanish. Our team makes sure to understand the environment in which you work in and the culture that comes with it in order to convey your thoughts and ideas the best possible way. In comparison to many other translation agencies, we are reliable and provide a high quality translation service which allows us to build a long term partnership with each of our clients. Lots of translation companies lure you in with low prices and then as soon as you get hooked additional fees start showing up which ends up not being a good deal. At ALC DIGITAL, we believe in honesty, integrity and above all transparency. We bill you by the number of words, the type of work to be translated, the industry, and the language chosen. When the price is fixed and agreed, we never change it!

Ciceron: “Money is the sinews of war!”

Along with the evolution of technology has come a large amount of free online translation tools. However, these free translation tools are often very inaccurate, and most importantly, do not understand all of the technical terms related to your industry. We therefore decided to provide a solution to this problem by combining quality with very competitive price. In order to keep the price as low as possible many linguistic agencies hire freelance, inexperienced and unskilled translators to get your work done; Which leads to a mediocre outcome. So I know what you are asking yourself: “What is our secret to keep the translation quality optimal while keeping our price low?”. Quite simply thanks to our location! In Cameroon we have access to a qualified workforce at lower costs. Furthermore, along with Canada, Cameroon is the only country that has English and French recognized as national languages ​​so we speak them and write them as native. In addition, we are a multi-ethnic (about 250 ethnic groups) and cultural country, which attracts a lot of tourists and foreign investment. As a result, we are fluent in many other languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, German, and many more.
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