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The key to a successful translation agency is to understand that translation is more than a simple transformation of words, but a culture in itself. This is why we can guarantee you a unique and personalized approach to translation. This will allow a certain connection with your target. This is important, because it is always necessary to convey the right message to avoid any ambiguity.


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Our translation agency

ALC DIGITAL is a leading African agency in language services. It focuses its business on providing professional and fast translation services at very affordable prices. Unlike many language services agencies, our focus is not on quantity but on quality. This is why we focus on a limited number of languages ​​that we translate. That's why we pride ourselves on our needs-based approach, specializing in French, English, Arabic, Mandarin, German and Spanish. Our team makes sure to fully understand the environment in which you work and the culture that underpins it. This is to convey your thoughts and ideas in the best possible way.

Compared to many other online translation agencies, we are responsible and provide high quality translation service. This allows us to build a long-term partnership with each of our clients. Many translation companies lure you in with low prices and then as soon as you are hooked additional charges start appearing. Which ends up not being a good deal anymore. At ALC DIGITAL, we collect in honesty, integrity and above all transparency. We charge you by the number of words, the type of work to be translated, the industry and the chosen language. Once the price is set and agreed, we never change it!


Advantageous Rates

Along with the evolution of technology came a large amount of free online translation tools. However, these free translation tools are often very inaccurate. And above all, don't understand all the technical terms related to your industry. We therefore decided to solve this problem by combining quality with a very competitive price.
In order to keep the price as low as possible, many language agencies hire freelance, inexperienced and unqualified translators. This leads to a poor result. So, I know what you are wondering: “what is our secret to maintaining optimal translation quality while keeping our price low? ". Quite simply thanks to our location!
In Cameroon we have access to skilled labor at lower costs. Moreover, with Canada, Cameroon is the only country that has English and French recognized as national languages. So, we speak and write them as natives. In addition, we are a multi-ethnic (about 250 ethnic groups) and cultural country, which attracts many tourists and foreign investors. Therefore, we are fluent in many other languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, German, and many more.

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