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The referencing of a website is done according to several criteria as important as each other. The permalink is therefore not to be outdone in your SEO strategy, and you must know how to handle it. This is so that it will benefit you when indexing your website. It is imperative that this be done well during the Creation of a websiteThe word "permalink" comes from the addition of the word "permanent" to the word "link". Comme son étymologie nous le fait comprendre, le permalien ne change généralement pas. You may be thinking that this is a trivial link, well, if it was, we wouldn't have bothered to make an article about it. So let's discover together the real usefulness of this particular type of link and its effects on the SEO of your pages.

Advantage on the positioning of the pages of a website

Paid advertising on the net promotes your rapid rise in search engine rankings. But believe in our experience, organic traffic to your site pages is much better to guarantee your life in the market. This is why a permalink must be easily accessible to Internet users. In addition, if it begins with "https", this provides more security to your site, but also to Internet users who will be able to browse without risk.

For more efficiency, your permalink must be relevant and above all, easy to remember. In this way, Internet users will have no trouble getting to your page or to other pages on your site. Also watch out for duplicate permalinks. Indeed, the same permalink for two different pages is bad for traffic. Because Google will not know what content is displayed during the search. This is why, before entrusting the creation of an online website to anyone, you must think carefully. 

positionnement des pages d’un site web
influence sur le SEO

A direct influence on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The referencing of a page is done according to the point of view of the Internet user, and according to the Google algorithm. The stakes are enormous, so the choice of your permalink should not be neglected. The presence of keywords and a short structure is more attractive than an address with poorly understood characters. However, you should know that some permalinks may have no concrete impact on your natural referencing. For example:, indicates a particular article, but does not influence your SEO.Moreover, a permalink such as: https // / comment-choisir-parfum / can easily be remembered and shared. Thanks to this type of permanent link, you will have the possibility of registering more clicks. Consequently, Google will be able to easily index your pages and position you in the 1st search results. The role of permalink in your SEO optimization strategy is absolutely not to be neglected. It gives you the opportunity to have significant, but above all regular traffic on your website. Creating an online site can be quite risky, so hire a professional SEO agency.Also, you absolutely must not change it after putting it online, because the 404 error will be attributed to the old URL. Your rankings will suffer, so think like Google when writing a permalink. For, you must favor the use of the short dash of 6, lowercase letters, and avoid stop words like “your, has, on” etc. with all this information, the practice will no longer be obvious. That said, a agency specialized referencing will guide you better in your steps.

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